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Scholarship for outstanding international students

To attract excellent international candidates to pursue their degree study in China, Zhengzhou University establishes "Zhengzhou University Scholarships for Excellent International Students ". 

A. Excellent international student scholarship program of Zhengzhou University

Number Scholarship Type Value of the Scholarship Duration Size
1 First Rank One-time subsidy of CNY 12,000 One year non-renewable top 2% of the batch
2 Second Rank One-time subsidy of CNY 8,000 One  year non-renewable top 3%of the batch
3 Third Rank One-time subsidy of CNY 5,000 One  year non-renewable top 5%of the batch
4 Specialties One-time subsidy of CNY 3,000 One  time  


B. Qualifications and prerequisites

1. International students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, with their study period of more than one year (including one year) can apply for this scholarship. International students with Chinese government scholarships or students in their extended study period cannot apply for this scholarship.
2. All applicants should strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government & the rules of Zhengzhou University, participate in school and social welfare and activities actively, and behave well in their daily life.
3. All applicants should excel in their academic performances. They should accomplish all compulsory and elective courses with an outstanding result of the top 30%.
4. For undergraduate applicants, they should study hard with clear learning objectives and class attendance of more than 90%; and the total courses chosen for each semester should be four or more.
5. For the postgraduate applicant, they should accomplish:
Win the third or higher prize in national or international competition, or. Publish at least one academic article in eminent national or international journals cited in SCI, EI, ISTP, A & HCI, or CSSCI, or publish one academic book.
6. Students of the following types can not apply for this scholarship:
  • Violating the relevant provisions of entry-exit administration with punishment;
  • Infringement of social morality with the harmful effect;
  • Serious violation of school rules;
  • Cheating and other prohibited acts in the examination;
  • Bullying and violence;
  • Other misconducts with punishment more than warning;
  • Having not paid the tuition or accommodation fee.


C. Selection criteria

The academic performance of all courses in a previous academic year is the major criterion in the selection, which accounts for 85%. The overall performance, such as, attendance, behaviors of following regulations and rules will also be taken into consideration, which accounts for 15%. 
Academic performance is assessed by the score of each of the courses. The scheme of the general score is as follows:

General Academic Score =    ∑XiWi  /   ∑Wi

Xi is the score of the course; Wi is the credit of that course. For some courses the assessment is the scale, not the score, it will be treated in the following way: Excellent =90, good=80, average=70, pass=60, fail=40, cheating or breaking regulations=0.  

For general performance, 100 is the full mark. Full attendance is 100 and 1 point will be deducted for absence once. 5 points will be deducted for breaking regulations. 2 points will be added for taking part in one activity organized by the university. 1-5 points can be added for student representatives (to be decided by the Students Advisor and students themselves). The final score will be the total points time 15%. 


D. Application

The student has to fill the Application Form for the Outstanding International Student Scholarship of Zhengzhou University and submit it to Students Management Office. Students Advisors will work out the student's academic performance ranking within the top 30%. A ranking list will be posted when the final academic performance and general performance score are added together. Students Management Office will decide on the candidate list with the approval of the Scholarship Evaluation Committee of the School of International Education. The candidate list will be noticed by the public. If there is any need for review, the authority of the School of International Education can call on a meeting for review.
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