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Systematic anatomy of Ideological and Political Course published

Recently, the "Systematic Anatomy Ideological and Political Course" organized and compiled by Zhengzhou University Press was officially published. This textbook is the first ideological and political textbook for medical courses in our province, marking that our agency has a new and innovative publishing form in medical publishing. The textbook was selected as a textbook for general higher education planning in Henan Province during the "14th Five-Year Plan" and was included in the key book project. At the same time, it was funded by the Zhengzhou University Textbook Key Project Fund.


To implement the spirit of General Secretary Jin Ping’s important speech at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities, enhance the affinity and pertinence of teaching materials for professional courses in colleges and universities, and meet the needs of students' growth and development, it has become an inevitable requirement to integrate the concepts and methods of ideological and political education into professional courses. . The compilation and publication of the "Systematic Anatomy Ideological and Political Course" planned by Miao Xuan and edited by Chen Wenjing is a successful exploration and practice.


Zhengzhou University Press organized the frontline teachers of the Human Anatomy Department of the School of Basic Medical Sciences of the school to compile the ideological and political textbook for this professional course. The chief reviewer of the textbook is Professor Zang Weidong, the dean of Zhengzhou University School of Medicine and a doctoral supervisor, and the chief editors are experts Li Ming, Cao Jing, Chen Xuemei, etc. who have very rich teaching experience. This textbook summarizes the scientific teaching methods of the frontline teachers of the Anatomy Teaching and Research Section of the Basic Medical College of Zhengzhou University, organizes clinical cases corresponding to relevant teaching professional content, and integrates digital materials for the team to carry out teaching reforms and social practices, and enhances ideological and political education The integration effect with the professional education of system anatomy is a useful exploration for the construction and development of ideological and political education in basic medical education.


This material is divided into motion system, splanchnology, vascular system, nervous system, and sensory organs were five 21 chapters, written content adhering to the "ideological and political course bearer" and the concept of "ideological politics resides course", adhere to the basic theory and clinical practice, The close integration of humanistic spirit and medical technology, to cultivate new-age medical talents with humanistic care and technical expertise.


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