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Zhengzhou University is established by the people's Government of Henan Province. Its legal address is No. 100, Kexue Avenue, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The school covers a total area of more than 5700 Mu and has four campuses: the main campus (No. 100, science Avenue, Zhengzhou City), the South Campus (No. 75, North University Road, Zhengzhou City), the North Campus (No. 97, Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou City) and the East Campus (No. 40, North University Road, Zhengzhou City). The university enrolls more than 50000 full-time undergraduates, more than 22000 graduate students (including part-time students), and more than 2500 international students from 85 countries.


Zhengzhou University is the key construction University of the national "211 Project", the first-class university construction university, and the "ministry province joint construction" University. Standing at the new historical starting point, the university has established the orientation of comprehensive research, put forward the "three-step" development strategy for the construction of a first-class university, and strive to build a world-class comprehensive research university by the middle of this century.


Medical education in Zhengzhou University originated from the national Fifth Sun Yat-sen University in 1928. Henan Medical College was established independently in 1952, which opened the precedent of medical higher education in Henan; The former Zhengzhou University was founded in 1956. It is the first comprehensive university founded in New China.


In 1996, it was listed as the key construction University of the national "211 Project"; the Zhengzhou University of Technology, founded in 1963, is a key university directly under the former Ministry of the chemical industry.


In July 2000, the former Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of technology, and Henan Medical University merged to form a new Zhengzhou University. Professor Ji Wenfu, educator, historian, and philosopher; Professor Huo Bingquan, physicist; Professor Hou Debang, chemist; academician Zhong Xiang Chong, refractory expert; Professor Sun Guoliang, civil engineering expert; Professor Dong Minsheng, otolaryngology expert; Professor Shen Qiong, founder of esophageal cytology; Professor Su Shouji, human parasitology expert, Professor Er Yuehe, the representative of Nanyang writers group, and a large number of well-known experts and scholars have been here to promote literature and encourage teaching.


The motto of Zhengzhou University is to be realistic and responsible.


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