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Songyang College of Zhengzhou University

Songyang College of Zhengzhou University, as a secondary college of Zhengzhou University, was approved to be established in August 2009. Relying on the humanities and social sciences departments such as the school of history, the school of Arts and the school of public administration of Zhengzhou University, the new Songyang College "continues its cultural context and carries forward the traditional Chinese culture", and takes the cultivation of talents in traditional Chinese culture, cultural undertakings and cultural industry development as its school running direction, gradually forming a three-level education and training system of doctoral students, master students, and undergraduates.




1. Summary

Songyang College of Zhengzhou University opened on September 2, 2009. New Songyang academy will continue to innovate its school running mode, recruit famous teachers and scholars in the world, introduce the most advanced teaching management concepts, and cultivate first-class talents for the country.




2. History

The famous Songyang Academy in history is located at the southern foot of Songshan Mountain in Dengfeng, Zhengzhou. It was founded in 484 AD and flourished in Song and Yuan Dynasties. It is famous for Neo Confucianism. It is also known as "four academies" together with Yingtian Academy in Guiyang, Henan, Yuelu Academy in Changsha, Hunan, and Bailudong Academy in Lushan, Jiangxi. According to historical records, Fan Zhongyan, Sima Guang, Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi, Yang Shi, and Zhu Xi all gave lectures in Songyang Academy. Part of Sima Guang's Zizhi Tongjian was completed in Songyang Academy. The well-preserved former site of Songyang academy is a key cultural relic protection unit of the state.


3. Move-in

"The new Songyang academy is located in the east of the former site of Songyang academy, covering an area of more than 250 mu, which is under planning and construction. "In 2009, the first 100 freshmen will study in Zhengzhou University Campus in the early stage, and will move in after the new campus of Songyang Academy in Dengfeng is completed.


Songyang Academy, one of the "four great academies" which once showed brilliance in the history of Chinese ancient higher education, can continue the origin of Sinology. On October 13, 2009, the opening ceremony of Songyang College of Zhengzhou University was held in the new campus of Zhengzhou University. At the opening ceremony, Xu Guangchun, Secretary of Henan provincial Party committee, was appointed as honorary president of Songyang College of Zhengzhou University and gave the first lively lesson - "a history of Henan and half of Chinese history" to the first group of students. Xu Guangchun showed the relationship between the Central Plains Civilization and the Chinese civilization to the students with vivid and humorous language, which caused bursts of applause from the students.


4. Plan

Songyang Academy of Zhengzhou University is named after Songyang Academy, one of the four ancient academies in China. It belongs to the secondary college of Zhengzhou University. Zheng Yongkou, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhengzhou University, said that Songyang college will set up teaching and management institutions based on relevant humanities and social sciences departments such as the College of history, the College of Arts, and the school of public administration. Based on undergraduate education, the school will actively develop postgraduate education, and eventually form a three-level education system of doctoral, master, and undergraduate.


According to the introduction, the establishment of Songyang Academy of Zhengzhou University is not only the need of inheriting and carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also the need of inheriting and carrying forward the Central Plains culture, highlighting the cultural character of contemporary Henan, and improving the image of Henan. It is related to the realization of the goal of "continuing the context and carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture", and is an important part of the cultural strategy of Henan Province.


Since its inauguration, all the teachers and students of Songyang college have actively explored the innovative mechanism of Sinology education and research, and have done a lot of constructive work in personnel training, teacher construction, Sinology research, and social services, and achieved fruitful results. Under the leadership of the Henan provincial Party committee and government, Zhengzhou University, together with Zhengzhou City and Dengfeng City, actively promotes the construction of the Songyang Academy of Zhengzhou University. 2013 will be an important year in the construction and development of Songyang Academy of Zhengzhou University. The procedures and procedures for the construction of the Dengfeng campus of the academy have been basically completed, and the overall planning and design are in progress. The Academy invites academician Zhang Jinqiu, a famous master of classical architecture design, to undertake the overall design of the Academy.


Songyang College of Zhengzhou University aims to build a research-oriented national college. It is to build a new college that inherits the spirit of an ancient academy, highlights the cultural characteristics of Central Plains, and has a modern university concept. It integrates academic research, talent training, social service, and cultural inheritance, providing important support for Zhengzhou University to create a high-level university.


Zhengzhou University will build Songyang College of Zhengzhou University into a research-oriented National College in 5-10 years, creating "three bases, two centers, and one platform". "Three bases" are Sinology talent training base, Central Plains culture research base, and cultural industry policymaking consulting base; "two centers" are: International Communication Center of Sinology and Sinology research, and cultural industry development research center; "one platform" refers to the open sharing platform of academic, talent, and cultural creative resources.

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