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Hold the third compilation Conference

March 19, 2021 -21 Day, sponsored by the Zhengzhou University Press, Anyang Vocational and Technical College hosted the national "Medical Imaging Training and Evaluation Plan" textbook written in the third will be held in Anyang Vocational and Technical College. Wang Baoan, deputy secretary of the party committee of Anyang Vocational and Technical College, Sun Zhian, director of the Department of Medical Technology, and Wu Xin, deputy editor-in-chief of our agency, attended the meeting; Professor Zhou Jinzhu, chairman of the National Higher Vocational Education Medical Imaging Technology and Radiotherapy Technology Professional Educational Textbook Construction Review Committee, Professor Li Meng, chairman of the National Medical Imaging Vocational Education Research Association, Professor Zhang Yonggao from the Department of Radiology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, and Professor Ren Kewei from the Department of Interventional Radiology attended the meeting and gave special lectures. More than 50 representatives from more than 20 universities and hospitals across the country and responsible comrades of our medical and health branch, marketing and distribution department, and other departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Miao Xuan, editor-in-chief of our medical and health branch.




Wu Xin first gave a speech. On behalf of Zhengzhou University Press, she thanked the leaders, experts, and people from all walks of life who came to this compilation meeting, and to the organizers of the third compilation meeting Nanyang Medical College, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology Baotou Medical College and Anyang Vocational College The Technical College expresses its sincere gratitude. She pointed out: The purpose of this conference is to strengthen education and publishing cooperation, pool ideas, coordinate the implementation of the spirit of the national imaging medicine education and teaching reform, respond to the advocacy of the Ministry of Education and the Medical Imaging Technology Professional Teaching Steering Committee, and closely follow the training goals of medical imaging technology professionals. Professional ability requirements, further standardize the construction of teaching materials to improve the quality of teaching and talent training.


Professor Cui Junsheng, the representative of Nanyang Medical College, and Professor Liang Liping, the representative of Baotou Medical College of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, delivered speeches respectively. Wang Baoan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Anyang Vocational and Technical College, delivered a speech. He introduced the school's development history and professional construction composition and wished the conference a complete success. After that, the leaders and experts sitting on the rostrum issued letters of appointment to the editor-in-chief. Yi Huizhi, the representative of the fourth preparation organizer and dean of the School of Medicine of Xinyang Vocational and Technical College, delivered a speech. Four experts gave wonderful lectures after the opening ceremony.


After the opening ceremony, Professor Zhou Jinzhu gave a special lecture on "Exploration and Practice of Teaching Material Construction". He emphasized the importance of teaching material construction from four aspects: "Curriculum Ideology, Institutional Mechanism, Characteristics of the Times, and System Guarantee". Take the national teaching standards as the outline, closely integrate with industry standards, take the job process as the orientation, and focus on vocational ability training, and conduct comprehensive and systematic teaching materials construction.


Professor Li Meng focused on three aspects, including the types and models of higher vocational courses, the basic characteristics of training courses, and the ideas for the construction of training textbooks in his lecture on "Construction Ideas for Training Textbooks Based on Ability Enhancement". , And elaborated the "three centers" principle of vocational education curriculum design, that is, subject-centered, social issues-centered, student-centered, and finally emphasized the importance of strengthening the practical teaching environment and the construction of practical teaching materials.


Professor Zhang Yonggao from the Department of Radiology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University took "On the Features and Teaching Methods of Medical Imaging Courses" as the topic, and described the development status and course characteristics of medical imaging from point to point, combined with rich experience and enrichment. The case shared the teaching methods of medical imaging.


In a lecture titled "Clinical Application of Interventional Radiology", Professor Ren Kewei from the Department of Interventional Radiology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, combined with typical clinical cases, systematically explained the development process and clinical practice of interventional radiology and described its clinical application. Broad prospects for development.


The branch determined the writing team of each book and initially formulated the writing plan of each book. The editor-in-chief of each volume and the editors convened a subcommittee.


This compilation meeting consolidated the platform for the construction of the national "medical imaging training and assessment" planning textbook, enhanced the exchanges and cooperation among publishing houses, schools, hospitals, etc., and promoted the integrated development of textbook compilation, education, and teaching, and clinical practice. Facilitate the construction of training textbooks, the construction of teaching staff, the training of professional talents, and the reform of education and teaching.

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