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Shanghai International Studies University

Basic Information

Chinese name

Shanghai International Studies University

Ph.D. point

3 academic degree authorization first-level disciplines


3 research mobile stations

Foreign name

Shanghai International Studies University,SISU

National Key Disciplines

3 pcs


22 colleges (departments) including the School of English, the School of Russian, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the School of Economics and Culture of Japan, the School of Advanced Translation, and the School of International Business Administration

School song

"Song of Shangwai"

Founding time

December 18, 1949

School day

December 29


Hongkou Campus: Shanghai Hongkou District 550 Dalian West Road

School nature

Public university

School code


Major awards

National colleges with typical employment experience for graduates (2013)

School category


Well-known alumni

Jiang Chunfang 、 Li Linsi 、 Zhou Xisheng 、 Wang Yeping 、 Zhang Lingzhi Wait

Affiliation district

Shanghai, China

School characteristics

World-class discipline construction universities (Selected in 2017) National Key University (Selected in 1963) Project 211 (Selected in 1996) Chinese Government Scholarship Hosting Institutions for International Students in China

Competent authority

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Current leader

Party Secretary: Jiang Feng, Principal: Li Yansong

Master's degree

7 first-level disciplines authorized by academic degrees

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