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Hold a propaganda meeting



On April 22 and 23, the School of International Education held a presentation on the Sino-foreign cooperative education project at the University of Worcester at 101 and 103, Guojiao Building. Wan Qian, a teacher of the China Project Management Office of the University of Worcester, and Bao Yanting, a project consulting manager of the University of Worcester, were invited to give lectures. Students from the 2019 and 2020 accounting, business administration, English (international trade) majors, and related teachers participated in the event activity.


At the meeting, Mr. Bao first introduced the city of Worcester and the basic situation of the University of Worcester campus in detail, and then systematically explained the cooperation projects, including the requirements for studying abroad in the 3+1 program of the University of Worcester, professional settings and scholarships, Expenses, the grading system of British universities, etc., and highlights the various resources and supports provided to our students.


Teacher Wan Qian shared the obvious advantages and important help brought by Sino-foreign cooperation projects to students' career development and study abroad space, which strengthened the students' determination to study hard, improve their language and professional skills, and realize their dream of studying abroad.


In the Q&A session, Mr. Bao’s live video connection with Elizabeth O'Mara and Sara Marsalo from the International Department of the University of Worcester, answering questions for everyone and encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zone, aim high, look international, breakthrough themselves, and strive To be a college student who adapts to the needs of internationalization in the new era, to become a compound talent reserve force.


The seminar on Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools at the University of Worcester held by the International Education Institute provides comprehensive information and professional guidance for students of the 2019 and 2020 grades to study abroad, especially for students majoring in accounting, business administration, and English (international trade) Guides academic and employment planning. It also contributes to the creation of an atmosphere for studying abroad and exchanges in our hospital and the cultivation of international talents.



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